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Disruptive book design delivers complex political reporting

editorial design

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We Have a Game Changer was published by Daily Maverick to celebrate a decade of news reporting and journalism in an age of digital disruption and complex South African politics. It includes historical pieces that cover the story behind the stories. Staying true to the Daily Maverick medium and philosophy, it was produced as a multi-format book.

multi-format approach

We collaborated with development team, Electric Book Works, to create a beautiful print edition, a crafted ebook, and a mobile-friendly web book. The design across all formats is visually consistent to enforce the product branding and reader experience, while also taking full advantage of the output format (digital versus print).

conceptual page design solution

The book design is inspired by the content and the architecture is defined by a timeline. In the print edition the timeline concept is applied to the contents page and running heads. In the digital outputs it serves as the primary navigation and interactive menu.

A book for everyone to read

The print format is unique and intended as a collector’s item. The pages incorporate striking, full-bleed photography and carefully considered typography, making the long-form content an accessible read.

The printed book gives the historical content credibility and permanence but the multi-format output aligns with the Daily Maverick's support of public access to information and freedom of speech. The digital version of the book is freely available to read online.