De Danshal

User experience and interface design

user experience

web interface design

research and testing

De Danshal is an event company that arranges club nights and festival events across the Netherlands. They promote high energy and good vibes and have a diverse audience who come together to enjoy the music and dance. Their website needed a redesign to improve the overall user experience and align its aesthetic with their updated visual identity.

design approach

After an audit of the existing website we conducted user interviews to fully understand the user journey. We looked at user trends and determined preferences for event filtering and search. This informed the new site map and wireframes, which we tested and refined.

The design solution for this project incorporated a retro-collage style that had been developed for De Danshal's event posters and social media marketing. The bright illustrations are balanced by a minimalist interface design. The understated simplicity of the UI adds a retro-digital feel to the design.

The website is primarily used at night, so the dark design improves accessibility. The monotype font has good legibility and colour in the UI is exclusively functional, making the information easy to navigate and search.

Design system for development

A full design system was set up in Figma to ensure a streamlined hand-over to the development team. Modular templates and component-variants were created for all aspects of the interface which made the pages quick and easy to build.