Bringing data to life in a visual identity

Logo design

brand guidelines

website design

"Brilliant designer and the best typographer I know. Koki has a gift for infusing designs with meaning. Friendly, fast and consistent."

Economics is all about change, and to understand how this change works you need to see it in action. Interactive Economics lets you do just that with responsive graphs and charts that can be manipulated by the user. The technology behind this online resource was developed by Barnard College and we were briefed to create the visual branding for the project, and design the online platform.

branding and Visual identity

The logo design is a typographic solution, with crafted lettering that make it unique and relevant to the brand. The vertical bars are incorporated as a graphic device that represent an analytical graph or chart, and add progressive movement to the design.

A set of visual assets include icons and patterning. The graph-style pattern is a flexible graphic device and is used to create visual continuity across communication channels.

Design system and brand guidelines

The brand guidelines are annotated in an easy-to-use manual that demonstrates the application of the visual identity across print and digital media. Bold typography is combined with the graphic patterning and imagery, and icons are used to emphasis information.