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"I’ve worked with many creatives over the years and none has been so brilliant at the process of making things beautiful. Working with Koki is a total joy."

Upping Your Elvis is a corporate training company that helps people get their energy right so that work becomes easier, more successful, and more fun. We were asked to develop a flexible, cohesive visual identity that bounces with the energy that is at the heart of their work.

Visual identity development

Following a collaborative brainstorm with the team we defined the brand as having “gravitas” and “edge” which would be expressed in their messaging as quietly confident, effortlessly intelligent, and beautifully timeless. This strategy was the starting point for creating the primary branding. We developed visual mood-boards to ideate design routes and the chosen option was crafted and refined.

The logo design is a visual expression of the brand’s edgy approach to training and it captures their bounce and energy with clear simplicity that is not in conflict with the gravitas of the design.

The visual identity was extended to include a set of design assets that are based on the logo concept. Bold, graphic patterning is combined with black and white photography and understated typography.

Website design and development

The website was mapped and then wire-framed for user-testing. The interface design was prototyped in Figma for review and then developed in Webflow. Patterning and animation reinforce the energetic brand message and circular shapes are applied throughout as a unifying element of the visual language.

For the live website experience visit www.uppingyourelvis.com

Key learnings

The simple, bold identity resulted in very strong and recognisable branding that is easy to apply across all channels. The visual design is creative and filled the fun and bounce that is uniquely “Upping Your Elvis”.